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Get Interactive at ConnectSeattle Networking Event at Mercedes-Benz

In our third rendition at the Phil Smart Mercedes-Benz location our group had the luxury to enjoy first-class interactive networking surrounded by fine automobiles and collectables in good company. Fine wines were supplied by Harris Wine Sellers including a variety of hand-selected Washington varietals that were a hit with the Kreate audience.

In addition to open networking each attendee had the opportunity to record a video commercial for future publication on the Kreate website, engage in an interactive activity as a prelude to our December event, and all had a chance to win a Mercedes-Benz for a week, compliments of the Phil Smart dealership.

All-You-Can-Eat Cancer Kicking at #SeattleGeekRoast for Nick Magnotti

Roasting for a cause in Redmond

Redmond Town Center, Redmond, Wash.
By Julian Michael for Kreate Professionals Network
Photos courtesy of Brandon Bleek Photography

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November 11, 2011 – “I can eat more than you,” announced Nick Magnotti in replying to #SeattleGeekRoast emcee Brian Westbrook’s @BMW hot-wing eating challenge to Nick while both were on stage cracking fun with one another in front of a fully attentive audience. Nick, a newly diagnosed, 25-year-old Stage IV abdominal cancer victim, shared his thanks and seemed surprisingly ‘cocky’ and at ease about his upcoming surgery, which occurs this coming November 22 at a cancer center in Omaha, Nebraska.

This past Friday evening, on the popular ‘11-11-11’ date, a standing room-only crowd of 275-plus guests packed a donated banquet room at the Redmond Town Center Marriott to support Nick and his wife, Alyssa Magnotti @alyssamag, in their cancer fight that lays ahead. Friends, family, technology industry ‘geeks’, business partners, supporters and general public comprised the audience; even a Star Wars storm trooper, Boba Fett and others were there!

Nick & Alyssa Magnotti with storm trooper and Boba Fett from Star Wars

Currently the Chief Operations Officer (COO) at ThinkSpace based in Redmond, Alyssa has had the opportunity to work with a variety of local businesses, organizations and startups. It is because of her affiliation with ThinkSpace that this event was possible to come to fruition in less than two weeks, led by the efforts of ThinkSpace CEO and Founder, Peter Chee @pchee and his team.

Although she was unable to attend the live event, Shauna Causey , Social Media Manager for Nordstrom and non-profit advocate, was another driving force to Seattle Geek Roast. According to Chee, the idea for this event blossomed from a conversation with Causey about how they could help the young couple. They then approached Alyssa and asked her opinion of the concept and never looked back!

“I am amazed to see so many people here tonight,” shouted Chee to the live audience as the evening’s opening presenter, obviously happy to have helped mastermind the Roast.

Peter Chee, CEO of ThinkSpace

Jenni Hogan of KIRO7 news

Overall, Chee, Causey, and a team of 37 volunteers produced, promoted and executed the #SeattleGeekRoast event from idea to reality in only 13 days. Their efforts were amplified by garnering support from several local news networks including KCPQ13, KIRO7, KING5 and KOMO4, a handful of sponsors including The Marriott, Archive Solutions Providers, Heinz Marketing, Swift Creek Games, Passport Unlimited, Design Laboratory, Brian Franklin of PMF Investments and Spring Creek Group, a top local auctioneer in Larry Snyder, and KIRO7 Anchor Jenni Hogan. Together, this chorus line of supporters donated media coverage, blog and twitter postings, web design, volunteers, and other event-related expenses including food and beverage for 250 people! Tech and other ‘Geeks’ making appearances at the event were Chris Parillo, Jeremiah Andrick of Logitech, Jenni Hogan (shows to left), Andrew Edwards of, Social Media Club Founder Kevin Urie, and Brian Westbrook of Sandusky Radio.

A couple funny ‘roasts’ of the night:

– (Parillo to Hogan): “So KIRO pays you money to do what I can do for free from my iPhone!?”
– (Hogan to Westbrook): “Since Brian goes by ‘BMW’ in his Twitter handle, he’s a lot like a real BMW auto because they’re both full of gas!”

Nick’s Story

Approximately five weeks prior to Seattle Geek Roast, Nick suddenly felt a stomach ache that worsened quickly and was rushed to the ER because of a ruptured appendix. Initially, he was diagnosed with just an appendix rupture until receiving his pathology report several days later indicating he had developed a serious tumor and was now in fact a Stage IV cancer victim in immediate need of surgical attention, to the tune of $300,000 or more.

“The last five weeks have been a whirlwind,” said Alyssa during a segment of the event. “Nick has always been a super healthy dude,” she added about his surprise condition.

This time of year Nick would typically be playing on his softball team weekly and working at Lexus of Bellevue as a service department advisor, according to Nick’s oldest sister, Jacki Magnotti.

Nick has been diagnosed with Mucinous Adenocarcimona of the Appendix, which is a rare form of cancer typically found in patients in their 60’s and older. As a result of a late diagnosis, the cancer has masked itself without showing any obvious signs (as it is known to do) and has spread throughout his abdominal cavity. This form of cancer typically masks itself from visibility because it sits inside the fluids around the abdominal cavity nearly undetectable until reaching a late-stage nature, according to Alyssa Magnotti.

“This type of cancer cannot be beaten,” said Alyssa in a positive tone of voice, “but we’re gonna beat this for as long as possible!”

Normally the term Stage IV is reserved for type of cancer that has spread into the lymphatic system or blood stream. However, in Nick’s case, Stage IV means that his cancer is not contained within one organ and that it is technically inoperable, meaning a surgeon cannot make a 100-percent promise to remove all the cancerous cells.

Raising Funds for Nick

Auctioneer Larry Snyder closing a bid during the live auction

“Last call! All in? All Done? SOLD!” were the words heard the most throughout the evening from gratis auctioneer Larry Snyder @aunctioneer4hire, of Larry Snyder Auctions.

Over 130 items were donated to their live and silent auctions collection that raised approximately $50,000 for the young couple headed into the fight of their lives starting next week.

Whether it was silent auction tickets, which went for $20 each or 20 for $100, a cash donation, the chance to ‘roast’ one of the seven geeks on stage, or a heftier live auction item, there were funds being raised left and right all night for Nick.

The largest donation came from the Redmond Town Center Marriott @MarriottRedmond, care of Sergio Meza and Dan Angellar, with a price tag of $7,000, according to a tweet by Peter Chee.

“I can’t thank (Sergio and Dan) enough for their massive and generous donation,” said Chee on Twitter.

Two Stories From the Heart

One more treat for Nick was the two keynotes by Q13 FOX anchor Bill Wixey who fought and beat cancer recently and My Tam Nguyen, Mayor of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance on FourSquare and cancer survivor.

Q13 FOX Anchor Bill Wixey, cancer survivor

“I decided that if (this cancer) was going to kill me then I’m cool with it,” Wixey shared with the audience in a confident tone. “It’s about the fight, it’s not about the fear,” he added.

Wixey was fortunate to receive news that he had Hodgkins Lymphoma type of cancer, which has a proven 90-percent or better chance of eliminating all cancer cells, according to Wixey. During his campaign with cancer he used the Twitter hashtag #blessed and received much support from his viewers as a result.

During Nguyen’s segment she delved into more of the day-to-day details of what life is like as a Non-Hodgkin’s cancer survivor, sharing stories of grief, pain and a deeper meaning of life and the ‘will’ to live. She shared about her ‘pre-chemo parties’ whereby she would live life to it’s fullest with friends, not knowing when or if she would have the opportunity to party again with them.

My Tam Nguyen, cancer survivor

“Life is much different remembering to take my twenty-something pills per day,” shared Tam with a faintness in her voice during her segment.

She added personal stories about chemo treatment, about discovery, and about the strength of the human spirit. Her message to the audience and to Nick: Ask and allow other to give.

The Road Ahead

Although the future is uncertain for Nick, his support from friends, family and community alike will remain strong. Nick’s surgery date is November 22 in Omaha, Ne. and will last anywhere from 6- to 18-hours, according to Alyssa Magnotti. He will then begin a recover process of three to four months, whereby Alyssa has opted to take a leave of absence to support her husband.

“My surgeon is extremely cocky about how well the surgery will go,” said Nick at the event. He admitted that his surgeon’s attitude is one of the reasons he maintains his positive attitude as well.

Nick and big sister Jacki

“I think is important for people to know that with this diagnosis comes a lifetime of tests, travel and possibly treatments, and Nick will never be able to let his guard down,” said Jacki Magnotti, Nick’s eldest sister, in a prior interview from the website. “And while (Nick, Alyssa and our family) so very much appreciate everything that everyone is doing right now, Nick and Alyssa will be needing assistance for years to come.”

We are all wishing Nick the best and we hope to see him around very soon with the same upbeat and cocky attitude that his surgeon has, and in a positive tone of voice that he carried throughout the evening. Maybe Nick will even be up for that hot wing challenge after all!

“I’m the perfect person to fight this fight because I can,” said Nick in a recent King 5 interview.

Ways to Continue to Give

Write a check to the Nick Magnotti Benevolent Fund and mail to:
c/o Nick Magnotti Fund
8201 164th Ave NE, Suite 200
Redmond, WA 98052

At BECU – drop off your check at any BECU branch and say it’s for the Nick Magnotti Benevolent Fund

Visit NCF Seattle and click on ‘Benevolence & Ministry Funds’ on the right hand side of the website and find the ‘Donate’ button next to ‘Nick Magnotti Fund

Other Links:

Facebook – Roast Nick’s Cancer

Jenni Hogan – Getting My Geek Roast On

GeekWire Article

– King5 Video – Nick Magnotti

– Q13 FOX Interview – Nick & Alyssa Magnotti


When Nick recovers from his surgery, the Kreate Professionals Network would like to help organize a ‘geek’ hot wing eating challenge for everyone to support Nick and Alyssa with their permission. More details to come but we’re with ya Nick! Our hearts and pocketbooks are out to you both. On a personal note about the author: my dad passed away in May of 2007 after becoming extremely ill suddenly and within 9 months we lost him to cancer-related illness at the age of 59.

– Twitter stream from @pchee @jennyhogan @BMW @alyssamag
– Article Alyssa and Nick, this is just the beginning… from website
– website
– article

Gene Juarez CEO, Janet Denyer, gives ‘Relationships-Focused’ Talk to Professionals in Bellevue

November 5, 2011
by Julian Michael for Kreate
Photos courtesy of Matt Brown

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“We are a people business,” proclaimed Janet Denyer, CEO of the very popular Gene Juarez Salons & Spas in Washington State.

Last Thursday, November 2nd, an attendance of 125 to 150 local business professionals got a real treat: they had the opportunity to listen to Denyer being interviewed by Gordon Prouty, Publisher of the Puget Sound Business Journal as part of their monthly Business Journal LIVE on the Eastside event.

Bellevue Business Networking Events Seattle Professional Development

Throughout the 45-minutes or so ‘fireside chat’-style expose with the audience, Denyer focused on sharing their corporate initiatives from the top-down and bottom-up such as relationships, guests, value, and vision. Each of these components are extremely important to how Gene Juarez as a company functions in its daily cycle whereby they perform nearly 750,000 services annually for ‘guests’.

“We create the highest value for (our guests’) dollar,” Denyer said in response to a question about why their brand is so strong and business continues to grow.

Gene Juarez Salons & Spas, which has grown considerably in the past few years, according to Denyer since her arrival, is the premier brand for salons in Washington and has a reputation for having a Nordstrom-like philosophy in terms of personal, customer service. Nordstrom has received countless awards and recognition for excellent in customer service.

“Our stylists really focus on building one-to-one relationships with our guests,” shared Denyer in response to achieving their approximately 80-percent margin of repeat ‘guests’ at their facilities. “Our number one goal is to provide impeccable customer service,” she added.

Denyer comes from a background in building highly successful salons and teams in the greater New York and New England area and cited that she was very hesitant initially when presented with the opportunity to lead the then up-and-coming Gene Juarez brand. Having spent time working, training and/or vacationing in almost every one of the 50 United States she saw an opportunity to explore and indulge in the energy of the Pacific Northwest region, which she admits was very appealing.

When Denyer arrived for her first in-person contact with the Gene Juarez executive team at their headquarters in Bellevue in 2006, she arrived a couple days early. With the intention of seeing the brand first-hand, she set out to visit a couple of the Gene Juarez Salon & Spa locations and rented a car.

“I drove to every Gene Juarez location I could get to,” Denyer shared with a smile. “What I saw was absolutely amazing! The women had that extra ‘bounce’ to their step on their way out. It was then that I knew I had found a good fit!”

On Development and Successes

Denyer went on to share about Gene Juarez’s success with reshaping their training academy program, about expansion into their now 10 select salon & spa locations, and about launching their new line of products developed in-house by their team.

“I came from operations and I like to pick things apart naturally,” said Denyer when discussing her initial analysis of the Gene Juarez Training Academy program.

In talking with her Director of Academy Operations she discovered that their enrollments were very ‘seasonal’ and that there were such high spikes of enrollment during part of the year that they were forced to turn applicants away, and that during the slower months they struggled to keep their program half full.

The Solution: Alter the training program from five days per week finishing in just a few weeks, to a three times per week program whereby those interested in the field could still work while attending school to make for a smoother transition.

“It was insanely successful,” Denyer said.

Recently, the Gene Juarez artists and executive team launched a new line of products exclusive to their salons and spas flying under the Identity1 brand flag. These products were developed 100-percent by the Gene Juarez team and with the feedback they received from their guests they were able to launch even more products that have been extremely successful for their brand, explained Denyer.

“We have a whole team of hair dressers in our locations that are ‘product junkies’,” said Denyer about how the idea came about in the first place. “It’s really not me, it’s the team that has all this energy,” she added when asked how they launched the product line.

Bellevue Business Networking Events Professional Development Chamber Seattle

l to r:  Julian Michael, Founder & Executive Director of Kreate Professionals Network, Gordon Prouty, Publisher of Seattle Puget Sound Business Journal, Janet Denyer, CEO of Gene Juarez, Brooke Catano, Senior Account Executive at BizExchange.

On Vision and Heroes

Denyer’s final comments about the next steps and vision for the company flirted with expanding into other west coast states when the economy can support, about adding more men’s-focused salons and about continuing their success as customer service champions.

When asked about her ‘heroes’ in life, Denyer shared that her two types of heroes are in her personal and professional lives. Personal: her parents and grandparents since they originated from modest beginnings and helped her to achieve so much. Professional: the people that work the front line of operations at Gene Juarez as they are why the brand has become so successful.

In her spare time Denyer enjoys strumming some guitar and the arts, playing tennis for fun and snowboarding, which she called meditative to level out her corporate day.

As a loyal Gene Juarez ‘guest’ I am very delighted to say that the number one reason I return is because my hairdresser – Quinn – at the Bellevue Men’s Salon, does the best hair of anyone I’ve ever hired in six states and when I’m in her chair I feel like we’ve known each other for years. Needless to say, she’s a shining example of the type of corporate culture that Denyer shared…quality, value and a rockstar at building one-to-one relationships!

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Bellevue Business and Professional Development event by the Puget Sound Business Journal at Harbor Club

‘Facebook Strategy and Design’ & ‘Blogging for Search Engines like Google’ Workshop by Kreate

Bellevue & Seattle Professional Development for Small Business

Facebook Strategy by Julian Michael of Kreate
Blogging for Search Engines by Mavis Lamb or Mambo Productions

November 2, 2011

“Done is better than perfect!” Using this as a basis for the mentality that solopreneurs and small business owners should have, the philosophy is that you should make short, simple posts and conversations instead of doing nothing. There are so many of us that fall into the category of ‘it needs to be better or perfect’ and thus there are no Facebook posts and no blog posts or NEW content!

Where to spend my time? Spend 10- to 15-minutes per day on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn making interactions, commenting on and creating conversations. This sort of continuous contact will generate new resources in terms of contacts, connections and sharing possibilities. How difficult can this really be when we have downtime or a little time before work or after (for example).

Top 3 things I hear about Facebook from small business owners and solopreneurs that stop them from consistently staying ‘in the conversation’:

1) I’m too busy! – REALLY!? I don’t think so. Likely the word ‘busy’ just means lack of ‘focus’ or ‘busy’ spending time in the wrong place marketing. When I was starting up three years ago I wasn’t sure which meetings to take and which ones to skip, so I took many of them and spent wayyy too much time traveling to and from, following up with someone who wasn’t the right demographic, and so on. However, once I dipped into spending time building relationships on Facebook and other social networking online platforms my amount of ‘open’ or quality relationship-building time skyrocketed!

2) I’m worried about posting my ‘personal’ information to my audience – This line continues to not only be crossed, but to get trampled on and run completely over! Although you shouldn’t share ‘too’ much personal info for business, it’s VERY important to include a personal tone in your conversations and content posts. People love that there is an actual ‘human voice’ behind the scenes telling the story, sharing the content, etc.

3) I don’t have enough ‘stuff’ to share – This could be ANYTHING! Content is really about a) ‘sharing’ what’s important to people (i.e. tips, tricks, hints, etc), b) sharing quality ‘stuff’ relevant to that business/industry, and c) sharing personal-type information that people (fans, clients, friends, likes, whatever!) can ‘relate’ to. Be a resource, be helpful and be authentic….all day and twice on Sunday!

Today’s business development workshop in Bellevue was an overview of Facebook and blogging with a little bit of structure. Overall, we were delving into a variety of best practices for Facebook and sharing, touching base on page design and third party platforms such as PageModo, and illustrating the power of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and how keywords play such an important role in search engine functionality for Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

Next Workshop: Jan 2011

See more great events by Kreate here

Caffeinated Conversations (Seattle) event recap, 10-18-11

Featuring Jess Estrada | Director of Marketing at Banyan Branch and Josh Dirks | CEO of Project Bionic

“What’s your ‘bread,” referring to Josh Dirks sharing a story about their client, Smith Brothers Farms, who polled their advocates and customers about what type of product they wished that Smith carried. “But we’re in the dairy industry,” replied their management team.

Dirks went on to share that Smith Brothers really ‘listened’ to their audience and started actually carrying bread as a product line extension because of this feedback, much of which was generated using social networking and communication channels.

Today’s panel event was the first for the Kreate Professionals Network in what will soon become a staple to our event lineup in 2012. Our format is open networking, breaking into a panel discussion with plenty of Q&A time following. Lots of coffee and morning snacks provided with admission. Every 6 to 8-weeks we’ll be offering an event of this style and our topics will vary throughout the course with the tone of ‘innovation’, ‘strategy’ and ‘new media’ in the forefront of the types of topics we’ll be offering. Our speakers and panelists will typically come from well-recognized local companies that share a common thread with Kreate’s tone and can offer value to our audience.

“Focus on where your audience is,” says Jess Estrada, in response to ‘what is a good use of time for small businesses and owners’. “It’s smarter just to stay active in one or two platforms, then to spread yourself thin and not do anything at all,” she added.

Estrada, who started up the social media accounts for the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce in 2008, was witness to the beginning power of Twitter and Facebook, and quickly grew the Chamber’s ‘social’ following. She was then recruited to Banyan Branch to take on a more ‘personal’ voice for their boutique agency brand, which she illustrates to the fullest in present day.

To see more great information about today’s event, watch the videos below.

Watch Videos From this event (links below)

Find the video below based on the answers you’d like to hear about.

Kreate Caffeinated Conversations event, Oct – Video #1
Jess Estrada, Director of Marketing at Banyan Branch and Josh Dirks, CEO and Co-Founder of Project Bionic, sharing about the following question:

“What are some key components to using ‘social networking’ online that many small businesses are missing or could add more of?” watch the video

Kreate Caffeinated Conversations event, Oct 2011 – Video #2
Jess Estrada, Director of Marketing at Banyan Branch and Josh Dirks, CEO and Co-Founder of Project Bionic, answering the question:

“Where would you recommend a small business or owner spending their time if they had to choose one or two major outlets to invest in, and why?” watch the video

Kreate Caffeinated Conversations event, Oct 2011 – Video #3
Jess Estrada, Director of Marketing at Banyan Branch and Josh Dirks, CEO and Co-Founder of Project Bionic, answering the question:

“If you had to recommend one tool outside of the ‘Big 5’ platforms, what would you recommend a small business get on board in their efforts?” (Big 5 – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn)  watch the video

Kreate Caffeinated Conversations event, Oct 2011 – Video #4
Jess Estrada, Director of Marketing at Banyan Branch and Josh Dirks, CEO and Co-Founder of Project Bionic, answering the question:

“How important are ‘metrics’ and ‘measurement’ for social media and what is the power of these tools available out there? Also, any favorite tools to recommend?”  watch the video

Kreate Caffeinated Conversations event, Oct 2011 – Video #5
Jess Estrada, Director of Marketing at Banyan Branch and Josh Dirks, CEO and Co-Founder of Project Bionic, sharing about the following:

Share a favorite recent story about how a major brand you’re familiar with had a major PR (public relations) issue and how it was either resolved or blew up in their face.  watch the video

Panel moderator, Julian Michael, Founder & Executive Director of KPN
Kreate Professionals Network October Event at Zoka Coffee, Seattle, 10-18


September CONNECT Afterhours at Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Seattle

“What a great event,” said a few guests tonight! “Thanks for inviting me, I met a couple really good new connections.”

One of the more intimate venues we’ve enjoyed with Kreate, the Sullivan’s Steakhouse venue was a hit! Our guests got to enjoy AMAZing meatballs with blue cheese, steak tar-tar and some other great goodies on tap. Our grand prize for the evening was provided by Private Events Manager, Lori Carchedi of Sullivan’s, who gifted a lucky winner with DINNER FOR TWO (valued at $100) anytime!

Thanks to Stacy Spelman of New York Life for volunteering to help guests checkin.

Thanks to Trishann Couvillion of Fire Eyes Photography for taking the images above.

seattle business professional networking events bellevue

Event Sponsors:
Puget Sound Business Journal
Sullivan’s Steakhouse

October CONNECT Event
REGISTER and get info on our upcoming Bellevue event

Oct 24th, Monday
5:30-8:30pm, Bellevue Towers
We average 65-75+ at our Eastside Afterhours so you won’t want to miss this one! Beautiful downtown views, lots of great snacks and wine!

An evening with @MariSmith and @ChrisParillo at Prolango’s Social Media Chat

by Julian Michael for Kreate Professionals Network

“Be an Influencer!” -Mari Smith

“Get on YouTube Now!!” –Chris Pirillo

“We’re in the P-to-P business instead of the B-to-B business,” Mari Smith insists.

Thanks to @Prolango for bringing the world-renown ‘Queen of Social Media’ Mari Smith to iPic theaters in Redmond last night where she shared her new insights into the ever changing social media and networking mix with a standing room-only crowd of nearly 200 local business professionals.

“You weren’t kidding,” shouted Prolango founder Paul Anderson in a Twitter conversation, “Mari is the best!”

One of the most influential figures in the world, Mari is quickly able to make you feel like you’re having a campfire chat with her roasting marshmallows, going on about the latest trends in social networking and her theories and rationale about how to be a rockstar communicator.

Three things really resonated with me from her talk:

1) Chief Listening Officer (CLO)…hire one!

Mari makes it very clear that where we are and certainly where we’re headed is into ‘listening’ mode whereby brands are hiring agencies to essentially ‘listen’ to what’s going on in the marketplace when it concerns their brand, campaigns and the like. This is BIG business the past 2-3 years and BOOMING and those that are not taking advantage of the metrics tools out there – both free and paid – are M I S S I N G the boat!

2) Give your BEST stuff away

Sharing a story about a past client that hired Mari in 2008 (to the tune of $5500), she went into the meeting that day with a completely open mind, shared her best ideas and concepts, then walked away having no expectations. What ultimately got her the consulting gig was her ability to give her best stuff away without holding back…something MANY consultants and agencies have issues with.

What’s the lesson: Learn to group some of your best stuff together so real value is gained by listening to your presentation, talk or seeing your webinar without holding back. This will in turn bring back a client that really needs much more and needs someone to execute the amazing solutions and outcomes you share about.

3) Taking advantage of quality ‘OPC’ (Other people’s content): Quality content paired with your opinion is priceless!

Do your homework. She really made a point of illustrating that before she will re-post anything, she double-checks the author and does a little digging. So smart! If we just sat there and click ‘retweet’ or ‘repost’ all day, we’re not offering up any opinion of our own. Such as those always posting the ‘quote of the day’ without their interpretation…such a huge mistake in terms of a two-way communication.

HUGE thanks again to Paul Anderson of Prolango for inviting Mari and Chris to join the action…what a treat!

Best conversation of the evening goes to Kate Hudson, Sales Manager at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Seattle Airport – @Doubletreeguest – who is co-facilitating a committee to start the SSYP (South Sound Young Professionals) event on October 12th at Acme Bowl at Southcenter. We chatted about the branding of this event and how to get a good draw in future events. Kreate will be there!

Join our conversation on Twitter at @kreatebranding

Seattle Chamber’s #AllChamber Afterhours and Social Media Club Sept at WOMMA

Business Networking in Seattle for Sept 21st (aka Networking Wednesday!)

Always a good time meeting and interacting with businesspeople in different sectors around Seattle. At this month’s Social Media Club event – – they teamed up with the WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) for their afterhours at the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle, a top venue.

Social Media Club of Seattle

Seattle social media club logo

Caught up with one of our panelists for October, Jess Estrada of Banyan Branch and fashion and lifestyle blog. Chatted with some other really cool people in SEO research, CRM research, web platform design, photography, marketing and promotions, and of course the greater social media wing. Typically this event features top notch panelists and about 200-250+ in attendance, however this month was a bit light due to the time change (4-7pm instead of 6-9pm) and being paired with the WOMMA conference, but always quality connections in the greater media industry to meet and mingle with in a casual atmosphere.

Coolest new contact goes to Terri Johnson who handles social media for ‘Bill the Butcher’ shops around the greater Seattle area – – as I always like to hear how SM is working for a variety of businesses. Follow her @theonlymeat

Seattle Chamber’s All-Chamber Afterhours at Herban Feast

What a spectacular venue with super high, exposed ceilings, intimate lighting, several sitting areas and the catering to match! Barely made it over after spending a couple hours at Social Media Club and of course Sodo isn’t always 5-10 minutes like it should be (took me 20+ to get over there from the waterfront!).

Best new contact goes to Elise Roberts, Event Manager at Urban Light Studios in the Greenwood area of Seattle. Their facility is open for studio rental, photography set rental, private events including weddings and corporate gatherings, and available to rent as a gallery….pretty cool! I wish they weren’t so far from downtown but the idea sounds terrific and I look forward to touring/using their facility in the coming months. And…they have a 5-foot lion and tiki room in their 4,000sqft space!! –

Business Networking in Bellevue for September 21st

Since there were five…yes FIVE..large events happening all on the same night – 3 in Bellevue and 2 in Seattle – we were fortunate to get out to four of them in all. Lots of great energy at the Bellevue events held at the Bellevue Galleria and locally at business event venues.

Eastside Networking Event by LeadTech and Andrew Vest

eastside networking event, bellevue professional business

One of the things you can always count on is about 150-250 professionals (with a larger tech industry element) to canvas the upstairs at Rock Bottom in Bellevue every month. This event is very consistent and features an open space with awesome appetizers provided and open bar (for the thirsty camel inside you). Expect to meet a fairly good caliber of professional in this relaxed afterhours business networking atmosphere. Events are very open format and there is a $5 admission that you can pay online beforehand.

Schmooze & Booze at Sky Ultra Lounge

Kreate was very excited to sponsor the appetizers and nibbles this month at this very new event for the eastside backed by ProVision Coaching and ThinkSpace support. Funny thing about this event is that you’re not allowed to talk about ‘business’ per se, but you’re supposed to start and maintain conversations with other business professionals about other random subjects. If you choose to break this tradition then you’ll be suggested to buy that person a drink! So far they’ve been getting a new mix of attendees and people are enjoying a different twist on an evening out networking. Open format, lots of loud club-style music, good food and drinks on white couches (we thought we were back in Vegas for a second!). Make this a new stop on your list.


It’s a ‘Wonder’ evening at Seattle YPN @ Legacy at Pratt Park

by Julian Michael for Kreate Professionals Network

Seattle Young Professional Business Networking

Overlooking the Seattle skyline with a huge Wonder Bread sign in the forefront while enjoying wine and refreshments with some of the city’s up-and-coming young professionals is a great way to spend two hours.

seattle business networking event young professionals september

(your author on the left)

“Anyone for giant chess,” asked someone I overheard at the event. This professional was referring to the giant chess set that rests center stage atop the Legacy at Pratt Park venue.

Seattle Chamber of Commerce’s YPN (Young Professionals Network) is the premiere young professional group to network with in the northwest, featuring monthly afterhours mixers at some of the city’s foremost venues. Each event is casual in nature, includes a nice variety of snacks and alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments, hosts about an average of 75-100, and is open to professionals looking to network with others ages 39-years old and younger. The average age is around 28-32 if I had to guess.

KPN Member Profile & Categories

Stay tuned!

Member profiles coming soon…