Kreate network policies

No Multi-level marketing policy

No multi-level or persons representing these companies will be allowed into events in September or future events, strictly enforced. This new policy, as voted upon, will take effect beginning at our September events. The following companies represent a shortlist of those that cannot attend: Pre-paid legal, Advocare, Univera, Send Out Cards, NuSkin, AdzZoo, Qnanza, Votre Vu, Cookie Lee, MaryKay, World Ventures, Partylite, Isagenix, ACN, Stella & Dot, Cabi, and many others with a similar business model. If you own and operate another business full-time we will consider entry. However, if people know you at networking functions for being associated with one of these type companies you will not be allowed in.

We will not extend membership to anyone promoting, advertising, selling, or mentioning an MLM, (also known as multi-level or network marketing company). For our purposes, an MLM is defined broadly as any business that recruits distributors, resellers, consultants, or others for the sale or representation of a product or service that does not originate from the person requesting membership with Kreate. This includes matrix marketing and direct sales companies, in addition to “Get Rich Quick” businesses.

We apologize in advance for this exclusion, however it has been found that our membership and attendance prefers to have this audience excluded at our events. Thus, from Sept 2011 and forth, these representatives will not be allowed into events or into membership. Each event is held at a private venue and we reserve the right to refuse entry.

Thank you to those who have attended our events in the past and represent these companies, we will see you out at other events!