Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an invitation from a member to attend an event?

No. If you heard about one of our events through someone outside our network, please come and attend, then make a decision if you like what you experienced. Find out more about membership here.

What side of the water is the Kreate Professionals Network based out of?

Technically, we started on the Eastside but we realize the importance of doing business on BOTH sides of the water. Thus, we host events and have members from both Bellevue and Seattle and many from surrounding cities. Events rotate from Seattle-side to Eastside every month so there’s always an Afterhours, Breakfast Panel, or Workshop going on in either city each month!

Can I still join the network if I’m currently unemployed or recently retired?

Sure! Our network is comprised of some very connected local professionals and we offer a great variety of training and professional development that will benefit you if you’re in this position. We do ask that you don’t arrive at events handing out resumes, but that if you make a good connection feel free to follow-up with them via LinkedIn or other thereafter.

What time of the month are KPN events and where are the events usually?

One of the greatest benefits to being a part of our network is the variety and quality of our venues we offer for most of our events! Connect Afterhours Networking Socials are held on odd numbered months in Seattle and even numbered months on the Eastside for the second half of 2012. Caffeinated Business Conversations & Networking events are held bi-monthly alternating between Bellevue and Seattle.

What non-profit charities does the Kreate Professionals Network contribute to or support?

We have held charity drives for Treehouse4Kids, the Red Cross Relief in Japan, and the American Heart Association of Puget Sound in 2011. There are opportunities to get involved with non-profits and the KPN by joining our ‘Outreach Committtee’ which organizes and facilitates any charitable efforts hosted or promoted by the Kreate Professionals Network.

Are Multi-level marketing representatives and companies allowed?

Absolutely not. People representing these types of companies are not allowed into the membership or at any of our events, period. We have interviewed many of our event attendees at events over the past year and there is an overwhelming majority feedback to withdrawal persons representing this style of business  from our events and membership. Companies that are known and are not invited as of September 1, 2011 are: NuSkin, Send Out Cards, AdzZoo, Univera, Advocare, Partylite, Pre-paid Legal, World Ventures, Mary Kay, Juice Plus, Xocai, and many more. Any person who represents these companies in any fashion will be denied entry our private events and will not be admitted. We reserve the right to refuse entry to our events as they are private.

What Committees can I get involved in with Kreate Professionals Network?

We will have three committees to start: Membership, Outreach and Ambassadors. Each of these are limited to 4 to 5 professionals and we will be looking for people that are interested in assisting KPN in development, recruitment, working with charities and non-profits, and sharing what we’re all about to the business community. Learn more by attending an event. Register for an event here.

Do you have a refund policy for your events if I’ve registered and something comes up?

Since our very first events in 2009 we have a strict ‘no refunds’ policy once the registration process has been completed. There are also no ‘rollovers’ to the following month or ‘credits’ that will be issued as this is the responsibility of the purchaser to attend. Many of us have registered for events and not made it out, sometimes we just get busy but we invite you to clear your calendar for our next event!