Facebook’s New Guidelines for Branded Timeline Images Go Too Far

March 5, 2012
by Julian Michael

Facebook’s newest HUGE SHAKEUP relates to their moving brand/business pages over to ‘timeline’ format at the end of March. All current ‘tabs’ and ‘welcome’ pages will become completely obsolete.

Long story short, Facebook is pretty much telling businesses that they need to completely change how they reach and communicate with incoming fans, how they collect information and how they visually provide calls to action. This is a serious WTF moment in history in my opinion.

From ‘item III. Page Features’ from Facebook:
(source: AllFacebook.com)
B. Cover (i.e. your Timeline cover)
All covers are public. This means that anyone who visits your page will be able to see your cover. Covers can’t be deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone else’s copyright. You may not encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines.
Covers may not include:
i. price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “download it on socialmusic.com”;
ii. contact information such as a website address, email, mailing address, or information that should go in your page’s “about” section;
iii. references to Facebook features or actions, such as “like” or “share” or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features; or
iv. calls to action, such as “get it now” or “tell your friends.”

There are positive and negative sides to this huge changeover. For Facebook this will boost their ad sales as this is the only way brands can get anyone to take action on liking and/or engaging with their page! More money for Facebook…yehhh!!! Like this is what we signed up for a couple years ago. We all knew the good times wouldn’t last, but now we’re all getting a huge slap on the wrist.

How will they monitor all the branded pages? With their some-odd thousands of outsources workers they should have no problem getting after this since they’re going to make such a big deal about what is on the timeline ‘covers’ anyhow.

More to come in the second half of this article.

Read more about this topic at: http://www.allfacebook.com/facebook-ads-page-timeline-2012-03