Top 10 Lines Given to DUI Patrols by Tech Entrepreneurs

Happy New Year Professionals!!
Here’s a little humor to enjoy the New Year…
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1)      Sorry officer, I was just trying to get to market first!
2)      Ohhh, you wanted me to walk a ‘straight’ line! I haven’t seen one of those in a lonnng time! Can you show me what that looks like first?
3)      So what you’re saying is that I was taking up too many lanes of code??
4)      I always thought the cuffs were just a plug-in!
5)      I bet my mobile app launches faster than your cruiser!
6)      You know you should really have a partner if you want to get this done quickly!
7)      Why did you pull my patent? I mean, pull me over?!
8)      Where I come from, ’30 over’ is pretty common as a first stop.
9)      If I slip you a couple UI guys will you let me off?
10)  No that’s not the smell of liquor…that’s the smell of my Series A funding round and a new PR nightmare.

Original content by Julian Michael, Kreate Media & Productions, LLC