Kreate Donates Backpacks, Kids Clothes & Cash to Local Non-Profit

It’s ‘Back to School’ time again!

Since we at Kreate have a deep heart for needy kids, we were especially excited to help out a local chapter of Treehouse for Kids at our recent event. Several of our attendees brought new backpacks and others will be donating to their efforts via an online payment.

Payment link:
Make sure to write “Kreate Media” in the line that asks for “Donation Drive Name or Organizer” so we can keep track of what Kreate supporters and members are contributing. Thank you in advance!

During the holidays in 2010 we hosted our Holiday Afterhours in Kirkland and filled three large bins worth of wrapped and unwrapped merchandise including clothes, toys and other goodies for Treehouse. Nice work Kreate supporters!! We will be doing this again in December 2011 as well.